How We Generated
Customers on Tap at a
£13 CPA
For This Direct-to-Consumer Brand

A vision for affordable vision

Why is it so complicated to get amazing contact lenses at an affordable price? The founders of the company knew something could be done.

So they went and did it – and had quite a disruptive business model in the contact lens world. Affordable, quality daily lenses delivered straight to your door? Typically, you need to pick 2 out of 3. But with that, contact lens wearers can have it all.

All that was needed now was to let the world know about their awesome service.

To stay profitable, the company needed to acquire more customers without spending too much on ads.

Here’s the deal – not all contact lenses are made equal. If someone is already comfortable with their brand of contact lenses, they may not mind paying more than they should and drive to buy more every month for the sake of sticking with what works.

We knew the product was amazing – buyers just needed to give it a chance! But because they wanted to reduce their cost per acquisition to £30, we needed to find an efficient way to convert leads into buyers without spending a fortune in ad spend.

Figuring out how to acquire new customers in the cost effective way possible was our first priority.

To ensure we were targeting hot leads that were as ready to buy as possible, we took a deep dive into the interests of their audience and their competitors. It was from this research that a series of audiences were created:

  • Leads with relevant interests that had contacts or wore glasses.
  • Retargeted leads who already interacted with the company
  • Lookalike leads based on existing data from their social media and website

But that’s not all – to reduce friction for first-time buyers, we decided to add an offer for a free box of contacts on all ads. New customers would feel safe to try the lenses without the fear of losing money. And we knew that when they tried the product, they wouldn’t want to go back.

What?! £13 CPA on the first try!

You read that right – after the results of the first campaign rolled in, It had gained over 3,000 new purchases with a CPA of £13 – less than HALF of the £30 we were shooting for.

The best part? We start the campaign from scratch and quickly scaled to a 5k ad spend every week.The entire team was elated and filled with momentum to keep that train going.

One detail we noticed is that all the best performing ads showcased the contact lenses themselves, without people in the photos. With this data in mind, we kept going.

It Just Keeps Getting Better

Believe it or not, but the second campaign beat the record for the first, at an astounding £10 cost per acquisition!

Their team and our team were beyond happy with the results – we’d discovered how to generate customers on tap while the company got to relax and see the dough rolling in.

With this success behind them, the company wanted to try out their options.

Wanting to cut down on costs even more, the company decided to try out another agency who charged less for their services.

So for a little while, the company’s account was handled by another agency. Unfortunately for them, the account tanked – badly. And all our progress fell apart. Ouch!

Rebirthing from the flames

We won’t lie – when the company came back to us, the account was in terrible shape. Despite our previous success with the campaign, pulling the account back from the dead would definitely be a challenge.

But there’s nothing we love more than a good challenge – and so we rolled up our sleeves and dove back into it.

To get that amazing CPA again, we needed to tighten up this ship.

We took every opportunity we had to optimize their campaign – although the company’s goal was to reach a £30 CPA, we wouldn’t rest easy until we went back to the vicinity of £13.

If it was possible before, we could do it again.

Right off the bat, we noticed that short-form copy tended to perform better when paired with video ads, whereas long-form copy performed well with images and carousels.

We also aimed to target cold and warm audiences with link clicks as the main objective. This was so we could gain more Trial users and retarget those who clicked without buying – and show them retargeted ads until they became customers.

We launched a Post Engagement Campaign to reduce ad spend via shares.

More people would see the posts, which meant more likes, comments, and shares, thus ensuring more people would organically find their way to the company’s website.

The campaign was a resounding success to spread the company’s brand around, generating:

In total, over 500,000 people took action on the posts across all campaigns. Considering there were a total of almost 2,000,000 people reached, that’s nearly 25%!

Final Results

In total, spent approximately £50k on ads and generated 4,000+ sales, at an average of £12 CPA. Even when their account was tanked, we managed to lower back the CPA to its former glory.

With this momentum behind them, Their team was now ready to fly on its own.

We handed over the reins to their internal team, along with all the optimization data we gathered over a total of 5 campaigns. Now their internal team is empowered to operate their campaigns independently and fully set up for success.

More resources for leveraging these insights for your own business

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